Meet Calbee North America

At Calbee North America, our passion is simple – to make delicious, natural snacks using quality ingredients that taste great and bring a smile to your day. After all, isn’t that what snacking is about?

Originally a Japanese company, Calbee Inc. expanded to North America in 1970 with popular brands like Saya and Shrimp Chips. Today, Calbee produces an exciting lineup of snacks, many of which are healthier alternatives to regular chips, and all of which are simple, natural and delicious.

Harvesting the Power of Nature

We do our best to live up to our mantra, “Harvest the Power of Nature”, and are always looking for new ways to make snacking a more wholesome experience. In 1999, we launched Snapea Crisps in North America, and it quickly became a favorite of snackers looking for a healthier alternative. Today we call them Harvest Snaps, and we’ve expanded the brand to include six unforgettable flavors plus several limited-time-only offerings, all made with natural peas and lentils.

Calbee and You

We’re committed to bringing you the best snacking experience possible. For that reason, we thank you for your continued support and welcome your thoughts. Click here to contact us.